Store as a Medium Immersive Experience

A virtual showcase of future shopping technologies in partnership with Intel


A Metaverse centred around a virtual marketplace aimed at consumers and retail companies to help improve the way in which store adverting is marketed via technology (ie, computer vision and machine learning). Data analytics is used to make personal messaging more emotionally appealing to customers. Utilising new technologies will allow for efficient inventory management, easy to use checkout services and efficient programs.

Store As A Medium is designed to help retailers with loss prevention. Once you make your way to the central hub there are videos on the walls which will tell you how stores and brands work with us to bring future technologies to consumers today. Visit our two virtual stores (Megamart and Miimart) where you can explore each one to find out more about our latest innovations.


Imersar Virtual Reality and Immersive Experiences are available on the following platforms for VR, Desktop and Mobile

Digital displays

Megamart and Minimart virtual stores feature high tech digital displays which are designed to engage with customers through in-store advertising. Each one is customisied to suit the comsumer needs of puechasing items at various customer checkouts.


From the ceteral hub you can acess our virtual stores via platforms which will take you directly outside. Simply click on the red sign above the platform.

Data Exhibition

Once you enter the main hub there is a wall which showcases the new age of retail. Learn about how stores and brands have worked with us to help bring future technologies to a supermarket near you.

Key Functions

  • A virtual hub showcasing various business tools
  • Reports and PDFs can be accessed from the main hub
  • Immersive displays are featured in either the Megamart or Minimart virtual stores
  • Informative speech bubbles provide in depth information about each store – you can find them in various locations.

The Imersar Engine is our own set of tools that run within the Unity Game Development Engine. The tool set provides a reusable codebase of functionality that covers everything needed to create an immersive experience: Content Management, API integration, usability, navigation and much more. This toolset is continually added to.

Imersar is a B2B software company based in the UK and France. We create bespoke immersive applications for desktop, mobile and Virtual Reality.
The Imersar Virtual Museum of the Grace Dieu is a free to access virtual museum online.