Best Countries VR & Immersive Experience

A virtual showcase of the WPP BAV global study in partnership with US News and the Wharton School of Business University of Pensylvania¬


Best Countries – BAV WPP partnered with Wharton School of Business and US News to carry out a special study on the best countries in terms of a range of metrics including economic, political, cultural and living in each country.

In this app you’ll be able to discover global trends from around the world, explore the many different rooms where you can interact with real time data analytics and watch interviews from global experts.

Within the Arrivals room feel free to visit over 85 countries that have been ranked in the annual report . Each country has their own unique room dedicated to a specific country. Finally, in the Departure area you can watch more interviews and videos regarding the Best Countries study from each year.

Imersar Virtual Reality and Immersive Experiences are available on the following platforms for VR, Desktop and Mobile

A dedicated Room to Over 80 Countries

The Imersar System enables us to create dynamic rooms. There is one virtual room and this is populated by the room content management system. This populates the room and exhibits within it. All the text, images, posters and videos are added when the user visits a specific country.

The Hyperloop Terminal

We created a unique setting of a futuristic hyperloop terminal. This contains a hyperloop train with passengers, a departures concourse with a giant destination board and check-in desks with video displays. No international departures hall is complete without the tanoy announcements and using the Unity platform, we have dynamic sounds of the hyperloop train whooshing overhead as users explore the terminal.

VR Immersion

The VR version of this app provides a surround cinema to watch a complete countdown video that wraps around the user on giant screens, they can then move through the Hyperloop terminal to journey to any of the countries and interact with live data and graphics and learn about the study in detail with full immersion.

Dynamic Data

The entire app is a showcase of the Best Countries report and provides interactive graphs on a very wide range of subjects that make up the study. All of the content is dynamically loaded into the system and the development environment enabled the team to rapidly manage an enormous amount of information, pictures, videos and files.

Key Functions

  • Real time data and statistics
  • Informative videos and interviews from industry experts
  • An interactive board where you can visit the many 85 country rooms of your choice
  • Livestreams
  • Reports and PDFs featured in each country room
  • Explore Hyperloop terminal
  • Interactive Dynamic Destination board
  • Dynamic Surround video
  • Synthetic people

The Imersar Engine is our own set of tools that run within the Unity Game Development Engine. The tool set provides a reusable codebase of functionality that covers everything needed to create an immersive experience: Content Management, API integration, usability, navigation and much more. This toolset is continually added to.

Imersar is a B2B software company based in the UK and France. We create bespoke immersive applications for desktop, mobile and Virtual Reality.
The Imersar Virtual Museum of the Grace Dieu is a free to access virtual museum online.