Immersive Experiences for Desktop, Mobile and VR

Provide your customers with a stunning unique experience that is exciting, immersive but easy to use

Immersive Experiences for Everyone

Imersar is the ultimate platform for creating and enjoying immersive experiences on any device. Whether you want to explore virtual worlds, play interactive games, or learn new skills, Imersar lets your customers do it with ease and style. Ideal for public events or building your brand or raising your profile with digital innovation flair. Imersar’s intuitive user interface lets users navigate, interact, and our customizable experiences can dazzle with just a few clicks or gestures.

You can provide customers a choice between PC, Mac, and Mobile devices seamlessly, and enjoy high-quality graphics and sound on any screen. Imersar is more than just a software, it’s a gateway to endless possibilities. Try it today and discover a new dimension of entertainment and education.

Imersar Virtual Reality and Immersive Experiences are available on the following platforms for VR, Desktop and Mobile

The Imersar Engine is our own set of tools that run within the Unity Game Development Engine. The tool set provides a reusable codebase of functionality that covers everything needed to create an immersive experience: Content Management, API integration, usability, navigation and much more. This toolset is continually added to.

Imersar is a B2B software company based in the UK and France. We create bespoke immersive applications for desktop, mobile and Virtual Reality.
The Imersar Virtual Museum of the Grace Dieu is a free to access virtual museum online.